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Rhamnus lycioides


Description: Much-branched, shrub up to 1m hairy or not Leaves 5-20mm, usually leathery, evergreen or deciduous, obovate to linear, obtuse or notched, sometimes with an abrubt shapr point, entire, rarely crenulate; leaf stalk 2-3mm.. Calyx-lobes lanceolate, acute, yellowish; petals absent or very small. Fruit 4-6mm, obovoid, compressed laterally, yellowish or black when ripe.

Poison: Many species of Rhamus contain stongly purgative anthracene glycosides that act on the large intestine.

Uses: Dyes, and purgative

Distribution: Algeria,  Crete,  Cyprus,  East Aegean Islands,  Egypt,  France,  Greece,  Israel and The Palestinian Territories,  Jordan,  Lebanon, 


S.L. Jury


S.L. Jury


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